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Quality Slippers

About GoFlip

The fun way to flaunt your feet

GoFlip is a new age lifestyle brand , here to serve you with the best quality slippers in a variety of designs and colors, at affordable prices.
We understand the need for your feet and ensure that you will get the best walking experience.

We hope to convert your need for slippers into your love for slippers.
Eco friendly Material for Goflip Shop Flip flops

Natural rubber

Made with natural rubber, our slippers are environment friendly.

Waterproof Slippers


Dip it, Bathe With it, take it to the pool. Our slippers dry quickly so you don't have to stop.

Goflip Slip-Resistant Slipper

Slip Resistant

Engineered for maximum grip, GoFlip slippers will not let you fall, even if the floor is wet. Take our word for it!


Flexible Sole

Bend it like Beckham or Twist it like a Jalebi, no matter what you throw at it, our slippers will live to see the floor of the day.

Smart and Stylish.
No matter where your journey takes you.

Our Belief

Life is a daily grind

We aim to bring together great style and comfort for people from all walks of life and importantly for people who love life.
Goflips are your everyday walking partners . . work from home, chill at home, go outdoors, go to the beach, make a splash, travel with them, hustle with them, live in them. Let this be a fun way to flaunt your feet. 
Easy, reliable, comfortable and stylish.
Choose Goflips and you'll never walk alone.
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Time to GoFl!p

Make a move in the right direction. Say hello to your new favorite walking partner.

Choose from a variety of colors and designs.
Put pep in your step and GOFLIP THE WORLD!
Start shopping now !!!