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Say hello to GoFlip!


Say hello to GoFlip!

A new age lifestyle brand, based in India, here to re-introduce the classic desi Hawai chappal with a modern twist!

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Slippers or flip flops have always been a daily essential in our lives. People of all ages, from all parts of the country and all walks of life find comfort in the classic desi chappal.

Life Is A Daily Grind

There is always so much ground to cover, different surfaces to walk on, to get to where you want to be (figuratively and literally).  We spend a major part of our daily lives just walking around on different floors, concrete, shiny, glossy, dirty, slippery floors, tiles of so many different kinds. .and that’s just indoors. And then there’s the outdoors, filled with mud, soil, wet roads, uneven surfaces, rocks and pebbles, and oh the bliss of sandy beaches. and freshly cut grass.

Admit it or not there is a special kind of comfort in slipping into a good quality rubber sole flip flop to take you everywhere. There is leisure in letting our feet breathe and relief in knowing that you’re not going to slip on a wet surface. Come to think of it, such an essential part of our lives shouldn’t be mundane.

Goflip is here to give you all of this and much more !!! 

Introducing Goflip’s latest Essentials collection

Made from natural rubber, our flip flops are extremely comfortable, super flexible, slip-resistant, and have the perfect balance of weight. We guarantee durability, our Goflips can withstand extreme pressure and damage and still won’t let you down.

Goflip flip flops have 3x longer life, 4x better grip on any surface, and are 3x more flexible than any other slippers out there. And they are not boring! We give you a variety of fun colors and designs to choose from for your ever-changing everyday mood!

Choose Goflip.
Make us a part of your lives.
And you’ll never walk alone. 🙂